Bears! Oh My!

Okay, that sounds better with Lions and Tigers in front of it, but I’m not making any lions or tigers costumes. I’m making pigs and foxes and rabbits and bears. For those of you keeping score at home I’m done with the pigs and now I’m done with the bears! Woo!

My bear.
The side and back view of "The Bear"
Check out those EARS!

The ears here were epic.  The faux fur fabric was so flimsy I had to fix it with fiber reinforcement. (and I hope all you English geeks out there appreciated that alliteration)   I used two layers of a heavy weight interfacing and made the end longer than the bear ear ends so that I could clam-shell them open and sew one layer to the front and the other layer to the back.  And that’s it!  No pleating like I used for the pigs because bear ears aren’t pleated.   I think that if I went even a little bigger I could make a pretty sweet mouse hood as well.

He was a hairy bear! He was a scary bear!

I’m also almost finished with the foxes.  I have all the tunics and tails done, but I had to put everything away to clean up for our Annual Chili Cook-Off tonight!!  I’ll have the machine out again tomorrow and will have the fox hoods done in the morning.   Then I’ll be starting and finishing the rabbit costumes and then I’ll be done!  Look for more picture in the next few days.

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