Instant Gratification

Every once in awhile I manage to do a pattern so many times that I can get something done in one day. Yesterday it was one of my Cute Bags.

This bag was for my neighbor and friend, Cate.  I owe a lot to my neighbor Cate.  She gives me parenting advice, comes over at a moment’s notice if I really need her, makes me soup, and gives me creative energy.   During our December Craft Show she had fallen in love with one of my Cute Bags.  Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for me, all my Cute Bags sold and so she put in a request for one “as soon as I had a break in the action.”


If you read in my previous post you will have noted that I have a pretty full schedule quilting-wise.  I decided that if I was going to get this done for her I was just going to have to follow the Nike slogan and “Just Do It.”   And so I present Cate’s Cute Bag!

Cate's Cute Bag
Back side. Or is it the front?
Inside. Isn't that a fabulous lining?


Polka-dot Pocket!

The fabric collection is called Central Park.  It was designed by Kate Spain and made by Moda.  Here’s a better look at the collection:

It is such a nice Springy looking bag.  Cate is a professional singing teacher who has classes in different locations. This bag is going to be her mobile office. I’m thrilled to provide her with a bright and inspirational piece to haul all her materials.

2 responses to “Instant Gratification”

  1. I LOVE this bag and everyone who reads this needs one!! It really gives off such a great energy, just like Mindy herself!


  2. Such beautiful colors! Love this bag!


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