The Show is Tomorrow!

I was doing fine until I had that realization.  The Show.  Is.  Tomorrow.   Suddenly I need more coffee.   With Bailey’s in it.

Am I ready?  Well, all my quilts are done and I have a display set up and almost finished at Cate’s house.  I’m just completing some finishing touches and I’ll be done. Emotionally I don’t feel ready.  I feel like the quilts are somehow incomplete and I’m nervous and scared that no one will like them or they will think they are overpriced, even though I know how much they cost me to make.  Of course, this is all crap. They are fabulous.  I’m just having that last minute panic that I’m famous for.  I hope I’ll be ready and confident in my skills tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of the display in my compadre, Cate’s, house.  She has a beautiful home and the layout is perfect for entertaining and displaying our wares.

My quilts on display!
A table with my Mom Clutch and two afghans hand-knitted by Mark's Grandmother


A rack full of baby quilts and throws! Can you recognize your favorites?
The big Christmas Log Cabin and the Fields and Lakes Crazy 8 quilts


And of course here are some pictures of Cate’s gorgeous jewelry.  She is really talented.  Anyone who buys these will be making themselves or their lucky giftee very happy.  This is just a fraction of what she has available.


Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets!
One of my favorite necklaces.

She also has some really, really beautiful holiday jewelry.  I am going to be buying a pair of her holiday earrings.  I’m NOT going to post a picture because I don’t want them swooped out from under me.  🙂  You can see them on my ears when you come to the show.

The show is at Cate’s House from 2 until 5pm.  We are having some noshie bits (including John’s fabulous spinach and artichoke dip) and one of the groups that Cate works with will be performing some lovely songs at 4pm.

Recognizing that Cate and I and our families will be exhausted at the end of the night we’ve planned to go for margaritas and nachos at the end of the night.  Hey, everyone needs that carrot on the end of the stick and margaritas are mine.

Wish us luck!

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