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Mindy Carlson is a mystery writer, knitter, baker, reader, and Administrative Head of School of Rock Creek Montessori in Kensington, MD. She also happens to be the mother of two spirited boys and the wife of an amazing economist.

After growing up on a farm in Iowa, she bypassed veterinary school to begin a winding journey that took her to UC Berkeley, Washington, DC, and Basel, Switzerland. Switzerland changed how she viewed parenting, travel, food, and the United States — all for the better! She combined the Swiss parenting philosophy with her Montessori experience, developing a new philosophy of how we better relate to children. Inspired by the change in her own relationship with her children, she decided to inspire others through a series of parenting articles. You can find these articles at such outlets as AFineParent.com, Big Life Journal, and The Washington Post.

For Media:

Mindy Carlson, M.S.O.D., grew up as an animal- and mystery-loving girl in Iowa before heading to California to see what she could make of her life. Now she lives in Maryland and is a successful parenting author, with pieces appearing in The Washington Post, Big Life Journal, and AFineParent.com. Her Dying Day is her debut novel. She blogs about parenting, cooking, and travel as the Swiss Family Carlson at http://www.MindyCarlson.com.

Literary Inquiries

I am represented by Abby Saul of the Lark Group.

Questions about my book, Her Dying Day, and other works can be directed to her. abby@larkwords.com

Film Inquiries

I am represented by Alec Frankel and Debbie Deuble Hill of APA. All inquiries about television, film, and streaming should be directed to them.


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